Hunter Jacobs
A Brief Summary of my Business Experience

Business Startup & E-commerce Development


A little bit about me.

I'm Hunter Jacobs, I have a passion for creating and discovering. This has followed me into my career of business startup and E-commerce development. There always is something new to learn and improve.

During college, I attended Ferris State University and studied abroad at Hochschule Rhein-Waal. I obtained a bachelor's in Business Administration with a concentration of Small Business Management.

E-commerce startup is where I thrive. I have significant experience with online sales platforms, web store platforms website KPI reporting programs and ad development.

Google Ads 83%
Google Analytics 92%
HTML 67%
Big Commerce 98%


Why I am who I am.


Learned to build relationships and different social dynamics of business by being on our fraternity executive board.


Gained valuable marketing and sales tactics being a part of the Ferris American Marketing Association.


Helped teach Ferris foreign exchange students english as well as American culture.


Where I Come From.

BallastShop Hunter Jacobs

Efficient & Effective E-commerce

BallastShop is an online retailer for ballasts and other lighting solutions. I started here as an intern for E-commerce and business development and was brought on to help with their web platform migration.

After the internship finished I was directly hired on to fill multiple hats within Ecomerce development. This includes anything from bulk product updates, Google/Bing Advertising, bug fixes, and future planning.

CEO: John Mahoney

VP: Scott Templar

Minecraft Hunter Jacobs

Ecomerce & Fist Startup was my first business and e-commerce adventure. It initially was a passion project that turned into a business and taught me valuable lessons. It is what piqued my interest and has guided me to the career path I am in today.

It showed me the importance of managing staff, different economic challenges of online businesses and the importance of advertising.

Owner: Hunter Jacobs

Lead Admin: Maciej Szwoch

Business Life: 2.5 Years

Revenue: ~$20,000

College Pro Hunter Jacobs

College Pro Painters

Sales, Management & Customer Relations

College Pro Painters has been one of the most challenging and testing businesses that I have run so far. Although very difficult, it taught me persistence to follow what I love doing.

My days would consist of door to door sales, estimating job sites, managing my painting crews, customer satisfaction and occasionally training sessions out of Chicago.

Owner: Hunter Jacobs

Manager: Joel Gotshall

Business Life: 1 Year

Revenue: $30,000

Lawn Care Hunter Jacobs

AAA Quality Lawn Care

Hobby Business & Advertising Test Company

AAA Quality Lawn Care has taken on many names over the years I have owned it. It originally was a business out of high school that turned into a hobby for extra cash in college.

I managed a few different employees early on and did some door to door sales. At one point we mowed for our local Subway in Big Rapids.

Owner: Hunter Jacobs

Owner: Noah Stauffer

Business Life: 5 Years

Ferris State Hunter Jacobs

On Campus Jobs

Simple Management & Lots of Hours

During the school year I took on multiple jobs at Ferris State. These required simple management skills and gave me an appreciation for my degree.

Through these jobs I learned to be more accepting of people and very flexible.

Manager: Laura Seay

Years Worked: 3 Years